Brass on Broadway
Arranged by Calvin Custer

Randall Coleman, Director

Considered by many to be one of the World's greatest ensembles The Canadian Brass have taken the medium of brass quintet from relative obscurity to worldwide acclaim. With the unique blend of virtuosity, spontaneity and wit, The Canadian Brass play to sold-out houses all over the world. The committment of The Canadian Brass to music education is truly extraordinary. They have their arrangements published and arranged for concert bands, so that students and audiences can experience their music in a different idiom. Brass on Broadway is the most recent arrangement for symphonic band and this has been arranged by Calvin Custer. You will hear Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, The Carousel Waltz, The Music of the Night from Phamtom of the Opera, and a unique arrangement of 76 Trombones.

City of Orange Symphonic Band

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